Turnabout Mob Psycho

Play as Reigen Arataka, the greatest lawyer of the 21st Century! Fight for the innocence of young student Kageyama Shigeo, who has managed to get himself accused of a triple homicide.

Turnabout Mob Psycho is my fangame that is a crossover between MP100 and Ace Attorney. It’s made using the AAOnline Engine and can be played on a web browser. Inspired by Nippo’s MP100xAA crossover AU and Fenori’s Mob!Mob AU.

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Who’s making this?
Me, Luna Chai! I’m a writer and artist who loves to develop games. I’m also a big weeb.

When will it be released?
This is a side project that I work on outside of my day job, so it will take some time. Currently, I estimate a release by Q4 2020.

What do I need to play this?
Just a web browser! Your browser will need to support WebP format (most modern browsers comply).


Voice of Reigen Arataka - Dan Harbaugh
Voice of Koyama Megumu -
Jef Leeson
Voice of Kageyama Shigeo -


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