Krell Enamel Pins review


I’ve recently been looking for a good enamel pin manufacturer. Most artists know of Vograce for acrylic charms, but as far as I knew, there wasn’t an equivalent company for enamel pins. The only name I heard was Enamel Pin Factory.

I initially ordered enamel pins from Enamel Pin Factory (and may post a review on them soon!). While the quality is good, there’s several limitations with Enamel Pin Factory like their limited options in plating, and they also are quite slow within my experience at a general production time of 30-45 days. Also, I appreciate that EPF is honest and admits that they are a middleman (unlike many enamel pin companies in the west), but I personally like to work directly with the producer.

So, all that being said, it was time for me to check out an Alibaba producer!

A quick aside: ordering from china

During my time in the anime art community, it kind of feels like ordering products from China is considered a hush-hush activity. You may hear not to order from China, because China is scummy or contributes to pollution or treats their labor poorly.

I have a lot of thoughts on this topic, but to keep it short, I’ll just say this: there’s validity to those accusations, but there’s also validity to scumbag companies everywhere. As far as you are able, find a trustworthy company, and act according to your conscience. But then again, being Chinese-American, I could be biased.


Product Review

The pins that arrived were beautiful, smooth, and luxurious. They’re just straight-up good enamel pins. There were very few defects in the bunch.

Krell offers a lot of different options for plating like gold, silver, brass, antique metals, chrome, and rose gold. They also have various clutch options like rubber clutches, butterfly clutches, jewelry clutches, and even safety pins and cufflinks. You could easily order metal keychains or custom coins from them.

I ordered rose gold hard enamel pins and was very happy with the result.



  1. Quote and payment - 1 day.

  2. Artwork proof - 1 day.

  3. Result image - 20 days.

  4. Shipment - 3 days.

Total: 25 days

Timeline may extend during their peak seasons.


Overall Experience

I worked with Sasa, and she was prompt, courteous, and very easy to understand. The experience with Krell was smooth and without issue.

Would I recommend this manufacturer? Absolutely. If enamel pins were always this easy to order, it would save me a big headache.

Where can I find this manufacturer? Send an inquiry over at their Alibaba listing to get started.