TMP Devlog #1 — Why is this man so extra?


I thought it would be kind of fun to keep a progress record as I work on Turnabout Mob Psycho. So here’s the first devlog!

It was a bit nervewracking going into this project knowing I’d have to do animation, because I’ve never done animation before. But, well, my favorite way to learn is trial by fire, so I just kinda hopped into it. Thankfully, the Ace Attorney style is pretty forgiving—animations are at a really low framerate, so it was great for a beginning project!

Here’s a document of my process for the most recent sprite, Reigen’s Objection pose.

Step 1: Sketch

First was the gesture sketches. I started by sketching the very last frame and worked backwards, sketching the major pose changes or beats. Once that was done, I drew the in-between frames.


Step 2: Flats

Next, I linearted the sketch and added flat colors. This was also a good time to clean up any of the motion. After a few changes, the motion felt a lot more fluid than the sketch.


Step 3: Colors

Next was shading! I liked to use simple but precise cell-shading for these sprites, since that’s the classic Ace Attorney look.

Don’t know why the green bar is there. Try to ignore it.

Don’t know why the green bar is there. Try to ignore it.

All in all, despite this being only a 7-frame animation at a 256 x 192 px size, it still took me the whole day… I always knew 2D animation took a long time, but lemme tell you, this gave me a newfound appreciation for anime studios.

You know what kinda hurts? This man needs 16 sprites. All of them have to be this extra. Ok then. Studio Bones, please give me your energy.



You can check the Turnabout Mob Psycho project page for comments and info!

  1. Sprite Art

    1. Reigen Arataka - 2/16

    2. Kageyama Shigeo - 4/10

    3. Kageyama Ritsu - 10/12

    4. Koyama Megumu - 0/12

    5. Kurata Tome - 0/?

    6. Suzuki Shou - 0/?

    7. Shinra Banshoumaru - 0/?

  2. BG Art - 50%

    1. Law and The Like Office - 100%

    2. Crime Scene - 0%

  3. CG Art - 5%

    1. Case art - 0/?

    2. Evidence art - 0/?

    3. Special effects - 1/?

  4. Music Remixes - 100% COMPLETE!

  5. Voice - 60%

    1. Reigen Arataka popups

    2. Koyama Megumu popups

    3. Minor popups

  6. Writing

    1. Story - 90%

    2. Script - 15%