~Creators of awesome!~ Nosy Dog Soaps review


For the longest time, I never used soap when I showered.

No. This is no exaggeration.

From the time I started bathing on my own to the time I hit 21 freaking years old, I did not use soap. I just never saw the need. I didn’t smell and it didn’t seem like my body was dying from being a toxic wasteland. Why just waste money on an unnecessary expense? For all I knew, soap was just another giant conspiracy from the Corporations That Be to get me to spend more money on cosmetics.

My mom learned about this. She learned I had not used soap while bathing in 14 years.

And she said:

“Meimei. That’s disgusting. Go get some soap.”

So I got some soap.


The hunt for soap

The thing about getting something as simple as soap is that you have options. Lots of options. Billions and trillions of options.

You can get handmade soap, environmentally friendly soap, soap for sensitive skin, fragranced soap, fragrance-free soap—the selection of soaps in the world is probably only trumped by the ant population in my house.

While this was on my mind, I was browsing on my Twitter timeline and found a tweet about @breadborks’s soaps. @breadborks runs a handmade soap shop with scents and beautiful designs, all inspired by top weebery like My Hero Academia inspired soaps, Persona 5 inspired soaps, Kingdom Hearts inspired soaps, and more.

As an anime-style artist, I’m really enthusiastic about supporting fellow weebs and individual creators. When I saw that she was making anime-inspired soaps, I was like, heck yeah. Sign me up.


Safety and environmental perks!

There’s a lot of upsides to @breadborks’s awesome soaps.

  1. Handmade. These ain’t cookie-cutter soaps pressed out in a factory. Tina pours her blood, sweat, and tears into each one of these beautiful soaps, and it shows. They reek of high quality—a delicious kind of reek that makes you wish these soaps were edible.

  2. Skin-friendly. I have a genetic propensity to sensitive skin. Since there are fragrances and colorants in the soaps, I reached out to Tina and she confirmed that all ingredients she uses are specially formulated and approved for use in soap.

  3. Ingredients that are actually understandable. No bizarre 52-syllable chemical compounds here. Soaps are free of toxic chemicals and chock-full of awesome, natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and more. Many of these ingredients are sustainably sourced.

AfterlightImage 2.JPG

The actual review

Alright, so I’ve been gushing a lot about @breadbroks’s shop from a natural perspective. But what about the actual quality of the product?

The Look

These soaps look beautiful and luscious, and every one of them has a unique theme. For example, the Kingdom Hearts sea salt soap is molded like a popsicle. Others are cut in rectangles with beautiful swirling or geometric shapes. They look super nice, even just sitting on the shelf.

The Scent

I am really, really picky about scents. For this reason, I previously leaned heavily towards using Korean cosmetics, which are much lighter in smells than American cosmetics. This was the biggest uncertainty in my purchase of Tina’s soaps.

But I’m thrilled to say that each one of the soaps not only has a unique smell, but they are absolutely divinely delicious. None of the soaps smell weird or overpoweringly cloying. It’s hard for me to describe, but they just smell perfect, each one of them. I love her taste and have the confidence to now blind-buy her soaps without worrying about the smell.

The Feel

The soaps feel solid, not in any way slimy to the touch. The soaps sud very well in a creamy lather. Once washed away, the soap gives the skin a squeaky-clean feel.



These soaps rock. Literally. I’ve already told Tina that she has my soap business for life. In fact, I would love if she ever made shampoo bars… or moisturizer bars… or anything, really. I want to be a weeb from head to toe.

So grab some soap that sparks joy, and support a wonderful indie creator in the process! Her shop can be found on Etsy right here.

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