Can I use your art as my profile pic / header?
Yes! Please include credit (e.g. pfp: @lunachaiart) in your bio.
Can I dub your comic?
Yes! Please include credit and a link to my Twitter in the description.
Can I repost your work?
That depends: I don't tolerate reposting my work on Twitter—just RT it instead. However, sites without a direct crosspost function like Instagram, or where I don't have an official account like Facebook, Lofter, and Tumblr is OK with credit in the post's first line. Accounts that repost when ignoring these terms will be blocked and reported.
Can I use your art in a video edit?
Generally I am okay with use of my art in video edits, so long as it's noncommercial and my credit is included on the image and in the description.
What programs and brushes do you use?
I use Clip Studio Paint basic license. I usually use default brushes: G-pen for line art, opaque watercolor for broad shading, and dense watercolor for detail shading. Oil flat brush and DUAB's Thin Gouache Brush is often used for backgrounds.
Where can I find Fade or your Ren'Py UI kits?
Due to my busy schedule, I have ceased support for my Ren'Py UI kits as of March 2019. Since they are no longer compatible with Ren'Py, so I have removed them from all shops and no longer offer them.