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I'm Luna Chai,
a nerd based in

I love developing games, making art, and drinking milk tea. Pastor’s kid and collector of all things cute and small.



sunshine and bone / fire emblem
On the border between Spring and Death, a son of Hades falls for a daughter of Persephone. / Felix and Annette.

over and over, i found you / fire emblem
"Why don't we knock out two birds with one stone?" Sylvain says brightly. "You'll get a dashing husband from a prominent family, and I'll have attained the love of my life. Let's get married." / Ingrid socks him in the face. / or; Sylvain and Ingrid, and the twisting road of childhood friends becoming lovers.

cop and robber / persona 5
Niijima Makoto is tasked to take down the Phantom Thieves. Spoiler alert: She gets her heart stolen. / Police!Makoto. Akira:Makoto.